The Ghost of Hollow House

The Ghost of Hollow House

Book 4 in the Mina Scarletti series.

Newlyweds Mr and Mrs Honeyacre have a problem; their Sussex manor house is riddled with ghosts, Naturally they turn to diminutive Mina Scarletti to restore order. She and her companions have scarcely begun their investigation when her arch enemy Arthur Wallace Hope arrives to thwart her plans. Trapped by bad weather, there is no escape from the mounting terror. It will take all Mina’s courage to solve the mystery of Hollow House.

"I love writing about crime, especially Victorian crime. Before the launch of my fiction series set in Bayswater in the 1880s I researched and wrote true crime and historical biography.

It is that fascination for the nineteenth century and those contradictory Victorians that I now bring to my fiction writing. Frances Doughty’s adventures are only just beginning!"

Linda Stratmann
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