Chloroform: The Quest for Oblivion

Stratmann has put together a cast of Dickensian characters: mad scientists, eccentrics, charlatans, quacks, psychopaths, murderers, femmes fatales (literally), and opportunists; and woven them into a heady tapestry of innovation, 19th and 20th century medicine, wars, religion, intelligence and forensics, crime and sex.

British Journal of Anaesthesia 92(2) 299-300 (2004)

Mr Scarletti’s Ghost

I love Linda Stratmann’s writing. Her descriptions of Brighton are so sharp and vivid you can smell and taste the city on every page. Peter James, author, Dead Like You Continue Reading

Essex Murders

These are not only famous cases, but previously unpublished tragedies…..Several of the stories keep the reader guessing until all the evidence is gathered in. Continue Reading

The Poisonous Seed

Her questioning of servants, interrogation of the police and checking of documents leads her into the throes of a different and distant crime. Continue Reading

The Marquess of Queensberry

Linda Stratmann’s masterly new biography cautions us to condemn a little less and understand a little more. It is essential for a good biographer, and Stratmann is a very good biographer, to cultivate a degree of sympathy with her subject. Continue Reading

The Marquess of Queensberry

‘Stratmann does not seek to defend or exonerate Queensberry. She is more subtle than that. She simply invites us to revise our opinion and move beyond the caricature…..’ Continue Reading

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