I currently offer the following talks

  • Essex Murders
  • Classic Crimes of Victorian Essex
  • The Horrible History of Chloroform
  • Chloroform and Crime
  • Escaped Lions and Runaway Elephants (True stories of people who meet wild animals in unexpected places)
  • Frauds, Hoaxers and Nasty Low-down Cheats
  • Middlesex Murders
  • Kent Murders
  • Murder and Mayhem in Westminster

Talks marked are accompanied by a powerpoint presentation although if you do not have a data projector they can be given without. It is my intention in time to provide a powerpoint presentation for all my talks.
  • Talks last 45 minutes, and I will answer questions and sign books afterwards.
  • I charge a fee plus travelling expenses.
  • I can also, with sufficient notice, talk about any individual case or do a reading.
  • I can be contacted using the contact form.
  • Watch this space as I intend to expand this list of available talks.
Feedback on my talks:

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